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Automation & Robotics Make Up Manufacturers’Future


Automation & Robotics Make Up Manufacturers’Future
HI-MORE’s Robots to Help You Ride on Automation Trends
      哈鏌電子報 2020 /10月號

Application of automation and robotics in production is increasingly important to manufacturers. And now, how the industry’s future is taking shape?

Eric Chuo: Development of Smart Manufacturing Accelerates Thanks to Covid-19 Pandemic


At Taiwan Automation Intelligence and Robot Show 2020, chairman Eric Chuo of Hiwin Technologies pointed out trends that are leading the development of manufacturing industry. Chuo emphasized that due to Sino-U.S. trade disputes and the COVID-19 pandemic, the global manufacturing industry has been moving forward obviously to Industry 4.0—or smart manufacturing—which focuses on the integration between equipment and technologies like cloud computing, the Internet of Things and edge computing. 



K.C. Liu:IIoT, the Next Big Thing to Taiwan


In the meantime, K.C. Liu, chairman of Advantec Co., who looks with optimism at considerable business opportunities in a post coronavirus world, stressed that IIoT (the Industrial Internet of Things) is very likely to become the next big thing to Taiwanese manufacturers. Therefore, Liu’s company has actively engaged itself in R&D for technologies applicable to the development of smart city, smart medical services and smart manufacturing. 


Insights from HI-MORE: Hardware-software Integration Matters

To assist Taiwan’s plastic injection molding companies to ride on trends for automation and robotics, HI-MORE has worked out a series of advanced robotic arms developed and designed on the concept of hardware-software integration.

One striking example is the ST series servo-driven robotic arm with optional three to five axes. The ST series model is highlighted not just with optimally engineered structural design, which makes for greatly improved precision, accuracy and speed coupled with light weight, but sophisticated mechatronic system and built-in useful software that are combined to allow for programmable control and easy system integration. It is safe to say the series are all featured with “Plug-and-play” for the integration among machines along your production line, to meet the Industry 4.0 trend.


iMonster’s Digest : 
With HI-MORE, Why Are You Still Waiting and Seeing?

A globally prestigious behavior scientist, B.J. Fogg has well explained human behaviors with three major elements: trigger, motivation and ability. And president Vic Chen of HI-MORE successfully applies the model in marketing—by offering to traditional manufacturers brand new robotics as the “trigger”, excellent hardware-software integration and easy operation as the “motivation”, and a modularized product mix for significantly lowered installation cost as the ability. 

With HI-MORE, Taiwan’s plastic injection molding suppliers are more likely to develop sustainbly in a post COVID-19 world.

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