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The HI-MORE Spirit


With a strong belief in consistent quality, which is vital for sustainable partnerships, we make utmost efforts to offer our customers the best service and quality.



Eco-friendly Production

We minimize waste of resource required in each of production processes, to go for 100% resource utilization.

Best Quality

We employ the most advanced HMI panels in our robots, to allow for easy instruction and simple configuration.

High Reliability

Our robotic arm offers great performance, enabling users to finish all tasks with one-touch operation.





Hi-MORE sticks to the five objectives to ensure fine quality

Sales & Technology
We apply parts and components with reliable quality only from Japan and Germany in our products, and offer all-around service with strong work ethics and at competitive prices.
Continuous R&D is part of Hi-MORE’s daily operation, as we aim to promise customers innovative user experience continuously.
We carry out repeated and sophisticated testing processes to maintain qualitative consistency.
Accumulated experience and vast business connections enable us to offer competitive pricing.




High Reliability & Efficiency


High Reliability
& Efficiency

HI-MORE Production

We boast a full line of robotic arm models conforming to accepted standards in Asia and Europe, and certified to ISO-9001, to assure customers of robust quality.


 Stable service quality earns HI-MORE steadfast loyalty from customers 

Big-name ones and robot models involved are as follows 

Rotary mechanical Yokote MX series (for injection molding machine 10 ~ 550t)

1-axis servo traverse BES series manipulator

1-axis frequency cross-propelled robot BE Series

PIP series rotary manipulator (for injection molding machine 10 ~ 150t)

Rotary manipulator EX series (for injection molding machine 10 ~ 150t)

1-axis servo traverse manipulator HTS Series

1-axis frequency cross-propelled robot HTM Series

3-axis, 5 axis servo traverse manipulator ARX Series

RX series rotary mechanical arm (for injection molding machine 80 ~ 400t)


The HI-MORE Spirit


 The HI-MORE Spirit

Decades ago, the Japanese robotic arm maker HARMO set up a service point in Taiwan, 
with an aim to better promote its take-out robots and serve local customers. 
A successor to the service point, Hi-MORE, 
founded in 1990 as a dedicated manufacturer and contract supplier of robots with the aid of HARMO, 
has inherited solid work ethics from and built a long-lasting OEM partnership with the Japanese company.




J.C. Chen
Founder & Chairman


We put emphasis on every detail throughout a production cycle,
as I believe nothing is more important than paying considerate effort and maintaining close communication with customers 
when it comes to sustainable development of an enterprise.




Vic Chen
Executive President


The HA series have just been CE-marked for its assured mechanical safety as required by EU.
Hi-MORE showed its brand new three- and five-axis ultra high-speed robots of its HA series, all of which come with optimally engineered solutions for process automation.
Hi-MORE was granted a golden award by TAITRA.
At Taichung Plastics and Rubber Industry Show, the HA series ultra high-speed robots were newly launched.
Hi-MORE hailed the birth of its self- developed controller, which enables its robots to connect to external equipment, bracing itself for the advent of the Industries 4.0 era.
Hi-MORE started distributing multi-axis robot arms in Taiwan for Yaskawa of Japan, and providing customers automation solutions.
The 3000 series large-sized robot arms were developed for injection molding machines with clamping force ranging 2000-3000 tons.
The HX series three- and five-axis robots with single-stage pickers were available to order.

The high-speed side-entry robot series UZ and STH came up for sale.
Hi-MORE joined force with ENGEL to take part in overseas trade fairs, including Chinaplas in May, Interplas in June, M’SIA PLAS in July, 3P in October and Propak in November. The STH series high-speed two-axis servo driven side-entry robots were launched.

Hi-MORE released its brand new THS series robots during Taipei PLAS, with its overseas branch Hi-MORE PTE Ltd. contracted by HARMO of Japan to the ARX series three-axis and five-axis robots on an OEM basis.

The UNB series large beam robot was developed for sub-2000-ton injection molding machines.
Hi-MORE engaged in R&D of new electric actuators, touchpanels and full servo robot models.
At K Show, Hi-MORE displayed the UFSIII series beam robots. An R&D laboratory for in-mold labeling robotic systems was set up in Hi-MORE’s branch office.
Hi-MORE began supplying its RX series swing-arm robots, which was debuted at the world’s top-three plastic exhibition NPE, to SAILOR of Japan for application in in-mold labeling.

The brand new UFSIII series full servo robots, UTS-2R series one-axis servo driven robots and UNBSIII series servo large beam robots were added to Hi-MORE’s product mix. At IRF, Hi-MORE showcased the HTS series single axis robots.
At Taipei PLAS, Hi-MORE took the wraps off its UNBIII series servo driven beam robot, noted for Y and Z axes being powered by a servo motor and suitable for sub-2000-ton plastic injection molding machines.

A small-sized take-out robot dubbed UTM series was released, along with a newly developed three-axis servo driven beam robot for sub-600-ton plastic injection molding machines.

The UNB series large-sized beam robot was developed for use with sub-2000-ton plastic injection molding machines.
Hi-MORE obtained ISO-9001: 2000 and CE certificates, and worked out UTM and UTS series beam robots that were designed to fit sub-550-ton plastic injection molding machines. 
At  the Taipei International Plastics and Rubber Industry Show, we participated in the research and development new product competition -the swing robot "BX" series won the Excellent Award.

Hi-MORE’s business operation with take-out robots in China was off to a good start, with its products accepted by Conari, the largest auxiliary equipment for plastic processing in the U.S., and Sepro, the biggest robots in France, and supplied to them on an ODM basis.
Hi-MORE opened its customer service point in Dongguan, China, to provide its take-out robots and tech support to local clients.

The UX series take-out robot improved by Hi-MORE independently from the swing type robots was launched.

The EX series swing type robot was put into production with tech support from HARMO.
The TX series robots hit the market.
The Japanese company HARMO set up its service point in Taiwan, which was the predecessor of Hi-MORE, offering take-out robots made in Japan and related tech support to Taiwanese customers.






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