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HX 80/200  

    HX 80/100/200

  • Document management system installed for effective management of arm tooling 
  • Free encoding functions / 3D display showing parameters for the programmed stacking motion
  • User-friendly encoding
  • Built-in PLC software (from Ladder Software) / an easy-to-use teach pendant


Dimensions in the parentheses are for 30-200 model.

Specification form


A.Full Length180019801980
B.Full Width147016701670
C.Height of Main Arm154016601720
D.Height of Sub ArmX/1540X/1660X1720
E.Max. Radius of Product Handled295
F.Min. Distance b/w the Arms
G.Standby Position of Main Arm340
H.Standby Position of Sub Arm
I.Distance b/w Main Arm and Base166
J.Distance b/w Sub Arm and Base
K.Max. Demolding Stroke550750750
R.Distance from Control Box to Center of Gravity of Main Arm960
X.Traverse Stroke115013501350
U.Height of Base500
Zm.Vertical Stroke of Main Arm600700800
Zs.Vertical Stroke of Sub ArmX/600X/700X/800








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