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HARMO, a Japanese robotic arm company, established a service base called 'HIMORE' in Taiwan to serve its customers and provide sales and technical services for manufacturing and extraction robotic arms. After 10 years of collaboration, 'HIMORE Co., Ltd' was officially founded in 1990 with the support of HARMO. Since then, they have produced robotic arms for HARMO through OEM methods.

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We are active in R&D and innovation, tailor-made customized models, constantly surpass the existing and innovative concept of professional R&D technology, and deeply understand the actual application needs and business goals of customers.

Never stop surpassing, without setting limits.

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For nearly 30 years since its establishment, our brand has been committed to achieving high-performance and high-intelligence production quality. Our products are exported to global markets, with a market share of 20% in the industry. We uphold the strictness and persistence of Japanese-style management and exclusively use imported parts from Japan and Germany. We inspect every product with the strictest quality standards to ensure long-term reliability and stability, embodying the ultimate efficiency of mechanical automation.


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Event 2024.03.25


HI-MORE hopes to be not only a manufacturer of robotic arms but also a provider of integrated automation solutions.

Event 2022.08.09

2022 Taipei International Plastics and Rubber Industry Exhibition

Hi-More's 4-year absence from the Taipei International Plastics and Rubber Industry Exhibition has come to a successful close.

Event 2018.09.09

2018 Taipei International Plastics and Rubber Industry Show

On the booth of the 2018 Taipei Plas exhibition, a globally renowned event, Hi-More was delighted to participate in this activity.

Event 2016.09.03

2016 Taipei Plas

HI-MORE wishes everyone of you we met at the trade fair a brighter future

Event 2014.09.26

2014 Taipei Plas

HI-MORE's attendance at Taipei Plas 2014 continuned to be a resounding success.

Press 2019.11.14

Every expression of gratitude from our customers in 2019 has been the driving force behind Hi-More's progress.

HA series high-performance injection molding robot arm has successfully obtained the CE Certificate of Compliance.

Trend 2023.04.09

How do industry giants envision the future of manufacturing? Don't wait any longer

How do industry giants see the future of manufacturing amidst Industry 4.0, the US-China trade war, and COVID-19?

Trend 2022.11.17

When small and medium-sized enterprises encounter automation: What reasons make them hesitate repeatedly?

Why do the vast majority still only look from afar but dare not implement it?

Video Appreciation 2018.07.06

HI MORE Promotion

Video Appreciation 2018.07.06


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We are more committed to operating a comprehensive, high-efficiency and high-quality professional service system, so that the global customer base can enjoy peace of mind, zero-distance application demand consultation and professional after-sales service, both before and after sales. In addition, the concept of energy saving and environmental protection is introduced into product design.